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Calumpang House

A major renovation project, a portion of the ground floor shell was retained. This sped up construction time and resulted in savings. We extended the second floor towards the front façade adding 2 more bedrooms while leaving a thrilling 2-floor open ceiling at the front foyer.

Through close coordination with the structural engineer, we removed and planted some columns at the garden-side to achieve large picture windows and sliding doors for all the rooms.

Varying sizes of wood were used to clad portions of the walls all throughout the common areas of the house bringing in warm tones to contrast the light-colored stone floor tiles.

Sta. Elena House

Situated in front of the golf course, this vacation home has a breathtaking view. The living room is surrounded by curtain wall glass reaching almost 2 floors, welcoming the garden in.

Adelfa House

This house has an H layout dividing the house into 4 wings, allowing most rooms to have natural light and ventilation from 3 sides, bringing light and breeze into the home.

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Oakville Road House

Building on a slope adds value to the design. The play of levels brings the essence of being on the mountainside (like being in Baguio or Tagaytay). One of the best features of this home is the living and dining which are embraced by a lush garden, and the sky deck where one can view the stars and the city

St. Julienne House, Fort Bonifacio

A Minimalist Modern Resort multi-level home in the heart of the City.

The main objective was to create a peaceful environment amidst the bustling city around it.

This was achieved at the lounging, dining & coffee bar area through the use of wood and stone finishes with the area enveloped by lush landscaping brought in through large glass paneling.

The master’s bedroom was also designed to be a peaceful haven with its own lanai, semi-outdoor shower and landscaped balcony.

Anvaya Cliffside Beach House

The Anvaya Cliffside House, a Modern Minimalist Resort vacation home perched on stilt-like posts on a steep slope to afford views above the tree studded cliff. All five bedrooms, as well as the living room, lanai, dining room, and the infinity pool have a sunset ocean view. Every bedroom and the dining room have verandas to naturally shade from the afternoon sun. A natural stone cladded roofed gateway warmly welcomes you to relax and unwind as you enter your vacation haven.

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