Residential Homes

What makes a house a home? We at M.CAL Architecture & Design strive to understand the personalities, inclinations and family dynamic of our clients. It is our goal to meet all needs and then to add more value.

Calumpang House

Sta. Elena House

Oakville Road House

St. Julienne House

Multi-Storey Buildings

All buildings are built with purpose. They must be bold, beautiful, and built to last. There is much to consider and safeguard; proper foundations, strength, resilience to sun, rain, wind and moisture, sufficient supply of air, power, water, the budget, security and the protection of life.

10 Acacia Place

Tres Palmas

Hotel Mango

Home Interiors

Many people don’t realize the great effect home interiors have. It can add to stress or invite peace and calm, it can bore or inspire, it can echo noise or offer privacy, it can promote isolation or harness community.

Arya Villa Interiors

Oakville Road House Interiors

One Rockwell East Interiors

Shang Grand Interiors

Commercial Interiors

"Commercial Interiors... this is fun, Will churn out designs, then you choose the one.

We know you’re in a hurry, we’ll get the job done"


Gino's Rada

Rosanna Ocampo Pop-up

Pink Kurve


You can’t take the Art out of Architecture. Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise.

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About M.CAL Architecture & Design

Our Philosophy on Architecture & Design is truly about the experience one feels as they move within and around the function and aesthetic of the place. Does it exhilarate, does it comfort, does it calm, does it inspire?

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